Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovations can be stressful from a financial and logistical standpoint. That’s why Handyman Solutions will walk you through each stop of the process, allowing you to make each decision for your bathroom renovation project that makes the most sense for your family and your budget.

With our years of experiences in renovations and upgrades we are ready to create the bathroom you’ve always imagined for your home.

Handyman Solutions team always work with you to be mindful of each aspect of the project including aesthetics, layout, scheduling, and budget to make your dream bathroom a true possibility.

Any renovations can be confusing to keep track of all also so we aim to make it as stress free and simple as possible and communicate with you at all times.


We help you select each piece of the remodel so that it is truly customized to your liking and your personal aesthetic.

Fully remodel a shower and/or bath areaInstall new tiles

Install lighting and mirrors

Install shower units

Install new fixtures and hardware

Upgrade all plumbing

Call us today to get started on your bathroom renovation.